Heart Care Tips

February is Philippine Heart Month.  So it is time to share some heart care tips.

Philippine Heart Association gave us 3 TIPS TO ENSURE A HEALTHY HEART.  Based on their website they recommend that we do the following to ensure a healthy heart.

Exercise regularly

Following a workout regimen or doing activities like walking, swimming, biking, hiking etc. on a regular basis can go a long way in helping to keep the heart healthy. This will not only prevent heart diseases but also help you to remain free of ailments like arthritis and gout. Even doing simple physical things like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, walking the short distance to your school or place of work can help you fit and spry.

Eat Healthy

Eat plenty and various times throughout the day, but avoid eating too much at once. Try to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. These foods have a lot of natural fiber which help to clean the digestive system. Also, veggies and fruits have plenty of vitamins, iron and proteins which are essential for your body. Eating junk food and fast food is harmful because they contain large amounts of trans fat that clogs the important blood vessels and leads to cardiac arrests.

Stop Smoking

According to research, Smokers who smoked less than 32 pack years but quit up to 15 or more years ago still had higher risks of dying from causes unrelated to cardiovascular health, such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema .“ Smoking not only does immeasurable harm to our lungs, it also causes damage to our body’s overall immune system making it weaker against any form of disease or illness, including heart diseases. Tobacco is harmful for the body, and if you’re in the habit of smoking you should get some help and quit immediately.



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