Asprec-Manalo OSH Co. (AMOSH)

is a Safety Training Organization (STO) accredited by the Department of Labor & Employment-Bureau of Working Conditions to conduct the prescribed 40-hour courses for Safety Officers, Managing Directors, Authorized Managing Officers (AMO) and anyone involved in developing and implementing health and safety in their companies and workplace.

AMOSH offers Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH), Construction Occupational Safety & Health (COSH), Maritime Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) and Loss Control Management (LCM).

AMOSH also offers other Health and Safety trainings.



AMOSH vision is to elevate the level of health and safety of the workers by placing Occupational Health and Safety education within reach of all Filipinos.



AMOSH aims to deliver trainings in health and safety that are understandable, practical, applicable and adaptable to its students and partners in the industry.

AMOSH endeavors to develop resource speakers, backed by experience and time-tested training methods, which will be effective in teaching and imparting such knowledge to its colleagues and constituents.

AMOSH deals to work with partners in industry to update its best practices in health and safety programming, facts and figures and still maintain compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

AMOSH strives to uphold its integrity by employing dedicated workers, meeting local ordinances and keeping its business name and operations unblemished.